Business Courses

B100 - Customer Service

  • Do you understand who the customer is?
  • The right process for the right reason
  • Tracking - good and bad
  • Make Raving Fans
  • When to 'fire' a customer

B200 - Success Principles

  • The Why Principles
  • Basic money management
  • Priorities and decision making
  • Adjust your thinking  .....
  • Think and approach critical subjects  

B300 - Sales & Presentation

  • Service Tech Presentations 
  • Direct sales processes 
  • We are not 'selling' anything 
  • There is only one right solution   

B400 - Owning Your Own Business

  • Do you want to start your own business?
  • What does it take?
  • Develop the components to start your own business;  
  • Business Plan, Financials, Legal startup and filings, Costs to start, etc.

B500 - Leadership Development

  • What is Leadership, Lead versus Manage
  • What Habits can help propel your career and personal life. (Based on "7 habits")
  • Understand the characteristics that most leaders have in common
  • Start a Life Plan